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Israel Innovation Conference-MIXiii 2014 The Hi-Tech section of the MIXiii 2014 will include about 15 tracks grouped under the categories of (a) Markets, (b) Technologies, and (c) Policies. If you have a track proposal please send email to

(a) Markets(b) Technologies   ​(c) Policies
- Fintech​ - Big Data​ - Deep Innovation​
- Agrotech​- Mobile everything​- Triple Bottom Line​
- E-commerce and retail​- Security/Cyber​- Business Models​
- Digital Health and quality of Life​- Cloud​- Monetization​
- Car-Tech​- Open Computing​- China​
- Smart Cities​- Social Network​- Institutional investor perspective​
- Telcos​- Future Tech​- Corporate VC's​
- Travel​- Glass/Wearable​- Multinationals​
- Video​- Public policy​
- New Media​- Financing innovation​
- Robotics​- Low Tech opportunities for high-tech​
- Sharing Economy

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